Use Revolut at online casinos!

Revolut is one of the best payment solutions

Revolut may not be so well known in the online casino world, but it is only because that this payment method is quite so new. It is one of the most flexible online banking system that exists and you can can have both physical cards and virtual cards attached to your account. Now, this payment solution has also found its way to the online casinos, and we have a lot of good things to say about Revolut.

Revolut – an advanced e-wallet

Calling Revolut for an e-wallet isn’t really right, because this is more like a web-based bank, as they say; “Better than your bank account“. Here you can have the correct bank accounts associated with your account, and you can also order physical Visa and Mastercard that you link directly to your Revolut account. What makes Revolut so special is that they support a total of 140 different currencies, of which Euro, one of them, and you can use your card throughout 180 different countries. Thus, they are not only aligned with most banks, but they also offer more with so many currencies.

In addition to offering an actual banking service, they also offer a variety of other services. You can actually also get a travel insurance through them, and this covers unforeseen medical treatments and dental services abroad. They also cover delayed planes and lost baggage. In addition, you can also get a so-called “idiot Insurance” on your mobile, so that you get covered accidentally such as a broken screen, moisture damage, and malfunctions that your warranty and claim warrant do not cover.

Revolut is thus far more than a standard e-wallet, such as Skrill, ecoPayz, Neteller and HiPay. This is more advanced, and thus in our opinion a lot better.

More usability than just online casinos

The Revolut payment service has now reached online casinos and that means you can cash in money in your Revolut account, via a bank transfer, and then create virtual cards that you can use to deposit at an online casino. This makes depositing money into your account safe and secure. Each time you use a virtual card, a new card number will be generated, and each card can only be used once. This not only makes you sure that no one can steal your card information, but it doesn’t matter if it happens or not. The card can simply be used once. You can have more money left in your virtual card, but your card number will only change.

This is not just an advantage at online casinos, but everywhere or where you use cards online. If you would rather use a regular card, you can order a physical card by mail.

Get a physical Revolut Visa or Mastercard

There is no limit to how many cards you may have associated with your account at Revolut, so here you can order as many as you like. However, no more than one card is required since they can also send out replacement cards within 3 days Globally. This means that even if you lose your card while you are traveling, you can quickly get a new card sent to where you are. They can now send out new cards to a total of 160 different countries.

These are cards that you can also use at ATMs around the world, and they also offer withdrawals entirely without fees. Depending on the type of account you choose, you can withdraw between 200 euro and 800 euro kroner with no monthly fees. If you take out more it will cost you 2% of your withdrawal.

By using your card you can also get between 0.1% and 1% cashback on your usage. This means that if you use your physical Revolut card at an online casino, you get an automatic cashback bonus from Revolut. Within Europe, the 0.1% you get on your card usage, while outside of Europe get 1%.

Travel Insurance by geolocation

One of the best services that Revolut offers is the ones that give you a travel insurance. Here you pay £1 per day you are traveling and through their app it detects immediately that you are leaving the country. The maximum amount you can be charged through one year is £30, so this is even a cheap insurance to have. If you know that you are a lot traveling then you can also choose to pre-pay £30 for the whole year.

Scam protection

This travel insurance is something that they have also put up for in a different way. To prevent your credit card from being used illegally by copying or skimming, you can limit which country the card will work in. You can choose to only allow card transactions in the country in which you are located, so that it cannot be used abroad unless you and your app Also Have traveled abroad.

Excellent for multiple currencies

If you use Revolut as a payment method at an online casino you can at length save yourself a lot of money when it comes to fees. For example, you can have money in many different currencies attached to your account, it does not matter if you are playing at an online casino that does not have Euro as currency. This is especially true for withdrawals, as this may incur hefty fees from regular banks.

Most of us who have a bank account only have our most used currency. That is, once you get into a payment in for example in Euro, the bank will perform a currency exchange for you, before the money reaches your account. This alteration you have to pay for, and in some cases it can come up in many hundreds of dollars. If you use Revolut you will release it, as the money is kept in the currency sent by the online casino. Here you have access to accounts in many different currencies on the same account, easy!

Bank Transfer with Revolut

Revolut is just like any other bank account, but much better, you can also transfer money to another bank account through a bank transfer. It also allows you to use Revolut to make a deposit to a casino online via for the methods they have for direct bank transfers. Thus, you can also use your Revolut account number to make withdrawals. Simple and convenient.

Verifying your Revolut Account

Revolut is a bank that you only use via the app, and that’s where you need to opt in and register as a user. Before you can make use of all the services, such as ordering a card, you need to verify your identity by submitting a photo of your ID, a photo of you, and possibly proof of address. Once that’s done, you’ll be approved, and you can start adding currencies and accounts the way you want.

When you need to verify your Revolut account with an online casino, there is pretty much a screenshot of your app being used, so it’s also easy to implement. More information is provided at your online casino.