Top 10 Casinos 2022

Top ten casinos online (2022)

We present the top 10 best casinos on the internet in 2022. The selection of the best online casinos is carried out on the basis of a continuous and in-depth analysis of over 300 casinos. All casinos that hold a top-10 ranking can be safely and legally used, and we guarantee a positive experience, top entertainment value, and perhaps gigantic winnings! is independent of all casinos mentioned on this website. You can be absolutely sure that our ranking is genuine. An interesting remark is that the top 10 casinos that come out best in our thorough tests correspond to results in a comprehensive survey conducted by So it turns out that the casinos that players are most happy with are the same casinos that are again on our top list.

About the selection process best online casino. No other casino portal is as thorough as us. We have a continuous review process of over 300 online casinos. Casinos that are known to conduct fraudulent activities or “gray zone activities” are blacklisted and do not exist in our top 10 casino list. However, this does not mean that we hand out top marks to all our casinos, as many other junk casino portals do. Each casino that is ranked is assessed on the basis of many criteria, which can give a rating from 0 to 5 points. To make it easy for our readers, we also present dice rolls (1-6) based on our rating rating. Each casino with a rating of over 80% is re-evaluated weekly, and all casinos in the list are re-evaluated at least once a month.

Top 10 Casino list

Rank Casino Bonus Rating Visit
1 wildz cash out Wildz CasinoT & C Apply Visit
2 withdrawal comeon ComeonT & C Apply Visit
3 Wheelz CasinoT & C Apply Visit
4 get lucky casino cash out Get LuckyT & C Apply Visit
5 caxinop-payments CaxinoT & C Apply Visit
6 EnergyCasinoT & C Apply Visit
7 rizk cash out RizkT & C Apply Visit
8 casumo cash out CasumoT & C Apply Visit
9 Lucky8T & C Apply Visit
10 Cresus CasinoT & C Apply Visit

Criteria for selecting top 10 casino in 2022

We have set several criteria for selecting casinos. This applies to everything from payouts, bonuses, playability and entertainment value, as well as a number of other details and finally an overall assessment. Payouts count, for example, 10% of the grade, and here we will consider here how fast payments are made. If the casino does not pay out the amount the player is entitled to, this gives a downgrade rating, and the casino will be blacklisted, and thus no listing of the casino at

In the case of fatal deficiencies such as this, such as here where the casino is unable to pay out winnings, we believe the casino deserves blacklisting regardless of how good the casino might otherwise be. Game quality and software are an important part of the assessment, and we also emphasize security (including the casino’s robustness and suitability to take responsibility for managing players’ deposits and money). Furthermore, we also consider reputation and popularity, where we place special emphasis on verified (documented) complaints and criticism from the casino’s players.

Which top 10 casino in 2022 does recommend? must be as objective as possible in our assessments. The worst casinos are rated according to the same criteria as the best casinos. Of course, everyone in the editorial office has their own personal favorites, but this does not affect the outcome of our quantitative tests. is probably the only casino portal in the world that assesses casinos on a quantitative basis, the vast majority use qualitative assessments, ie subjective assessments that in our eyes are unsuitable for ranking online casinos.

Our regular readers will find that the list is updated weekly, and the ranking of the casinos varies somewhat. Those who hold a top 10 position will usually always stay in the top. If we are to recommend anything, there must be an invitation to try more casinos from the top-10 list, among these we can almost guarantee you that you will find your personal favorite to play at in 2022. It is not easy to find a casino that you are really happy with, but with our top list as a starting point, you can focus on testing fewer casinos more thoroughly, rather than testing dozens of casinos before you find your favorite. We have limited the selection to only the best casinos, and the hard work is done – now you can only pick and choose among the best online casinos in the world!

Get bonuses on top 10 casinos in 2022!

Get more money on 1-2-3. It is both sensible and easy to take advantage of the bonus systems of the online casino mentioned on this page. To get the best bonuses, you must of course deposit money (deposit), and play according to the current bonus rules. A good way to start is to start with a casino at the top of the list here, deposit money and play your way through the bonus claim, then withdraw money and continue to the next casino on the list, and so on. Once you have reached the end of the list, you can start at the top again, but this time you only use the casinos that offer extra loyalty bonuses and other bonus offers to existing customers in 2022. This way you can get tens of thousands bonus money to play for!

Bonus hunters: The tactic described above is often called “bonus hunt”. If you are looking to get the most money to play for, this is a simple but superior tactic, anyone can become a skilled bonus hunter! If you want to maximize your chances of the big wins, it is almost imperative that you take advantage of the various bonuses provided by online casinos on this site.

Last week we saw an explosive growth in the use of online casino games by players. This trend picture shows a gratifying development, and follows closely the trend that has now been going on since the past years. This is good, because it provides increased competition and better conditions for us players. All consumers / players thus become winners.

A lot of offers on display

Today, you can literally get over 50 000 $/€ in bonuses from online casinos, if you sign up at several casinos that offer good bonuses. For the casinos, it is a necessity to give away attractive bonuses, otherwise they will simply not get enough players to cope in today’s demanding market.

The development of casinos on the internet is very positive, and we see a clear direction towards professionalism and seriousness on a whole new level. The largest gaming companies operating in the market maintain an exceptionally good standard, even in an international context. If you choose an online casino that is recognized among players, and that is active in marketing, you can be sure that it is most likely a safe casino.

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