Safe to play casino online?

How safe is it to play at a online casino?

This is not a simple yes/no question, it`s actually more complex than an easy answer as it depends on several important factors. An online casino can be completely safe, or it can be a fraudulent operation where you risk losing money and where your personal information comes astray.

Some online casinos you should always stay far away from, you can find these scam casino sites in our blacklisted casinos section. How many scam casinos are online these days? We don’t have an exact number, but we know that there are probably many hundreds of scamming casino sites online. These are casinos that can best be described as fraud and deception. They take your money (confiscate players’ deposits), and sell your personal information for all it’s worth to make money without even blinking. These are casinos with no integrity and should stay far away.

We have a list of scam casinos

In other words, there are hundreds of scam casinos out there. They make money fooling their players. The list would be long, and we have a way to make a complete list as we informed you about. We focus on the casinos we know are safe for players, and also informing players about scam casino sites online and good casinos and gambling sites that we absolutely know is 100% safe.

So you will find a list of dangerous casino and gambling sites that do trickery here with us. There are many online lists that warn against different casinos, but none of these lists are close to being complete.

Safe casinos online

How do you know that an online casino/gambling is safe? If you find a review of the casino on our page, it is a quality sign. The large and well-known gambling sites that target players are usually relatively safe to place bets on.

The online casinos featured on our website will inform you that a casino is considered to be 100% safe to play at. This means, among other things, that the online casino takes care of your deposit regardless of the operation of the casino; that the games are fair; that customers get the support they need, and several other factors.

A few things which makes a casino safe

Your deposit is (and should be) independent of the operation of the online casino you`re playing at. Should the online casino go bankrupt, you will still get your deposit back. In other words, creditors and others who can claim money from the casino should not be able to take players’ funds in the event of a bankruptcy situation.

Fair games

Some online casino games are rigged and not anything else than a scam. This means that you can win a lot of money easily, for example, when playing with “play money”; but the moment you deposit and start playing with your own real money, the losses come, and they come big time. This is of course not fair to the player. Another example is when the game is controlled by algorithms developed with malicious intent, where the goal is that the casino has an unfair advantage over what the game in question. In roulette you know approximately what probabilities you have of winning, but if the game is rigged it may be that the player has a better chance of losing money when wagering a large amount. A fair casino has honest games that work much like one would expect from a physical casino game.

Regulated or apporoved by an authority

Most online casinos are operated from Malta, Curacao or Cyprus, as well as some from the UK and other countries. A regulated casino must comply with a number of laws and regulations, and it is the regulatory body that shall ensure that the games are set up in accordance with the law and that cheating does not occur. Be careful with unregulated casinos or casinos with fake licenses.

Seriousness at all levels

An honest casino does not peril with fraud or otherwise act dishonestly towards customers. In the first meeting with a casino one will not always be able to reveal the seriousness. It is often only when withdrawing money or starting to play with deposits that you find out if the casino is really as serious as it pretends to be. That`s where we`ll step in and save you, sums up information from all players to protect you.

Always plays safe – use

Use and you have a good overview of casinos that are safe to play at. We do also mention casinos that are unregulated as we spoke about, and we will always set off the alarm bell if there is a bad reputation among players. Here you will only find serious gambling sites that are known for seriousness and good entertainment in the globally market. Good luck and play it safe.

10 Safe online casinos for you

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