Ruby Lounge Launched – ComeOn Group

Comeon Group launches Ruby Lounge Live Casino

ruby lounge live casino

The ComeOn Group has deepened its ongoing relationship with the live gameprovider Evolution Gaming through the creation of an exclusive live online casino environment called Ruby Lounge.
The dedicated setup, called “brand within brand” by the group of online casino operators, which they say will be a “breakthrough product”, will be available to many casino players in multiple markets across the globe. Ruby Lounge, which builds on the company’s multi-brand strategy, now includes eight live blackjack tables and a live roulette feature, all serviced by ComeOn’s team of dealers.

Ruby Lounge Live Casino Games

  • Live Roulette
  • Live Blackjack
  • Live Baccarat
  • Live Holdem

“We are excited to introduce the new Ruby Lounge live casino environment to our customers,” said Cristiano Blanco, Product Manager for ComeOn Group. “With this dedicated studio, we have created a premium environment for all brands and markets. Our team did a great job creating a studio with a strong identity of its own to build its own proposition, allowing our brand and country teams to promote it across all brands in the region.

“We are constantly innovating and advancing to achieve our goal of providing the best customer experience in the industry. We won’t stop there, Ruby Lounge is a great product and more to come.
ComeOn has been an Evolution partner since 2013, offering a wide range of live casino games and game programs from the corporation, as well as a wide range of online slots through NetEnt and Red Tiger”.

Erland Hellstrom, Commercial Manager at Evolution, commented: “We have been working closely with ComeOn Group for many years and we’re delighted that their dedicated live casino environment is now live. The end result is magnificent and early statistics suggest that ComeOn Group players absolutely love the whole look and feel of this premium environment with its world-class live casino games.”

Ruby Lounge Live Casino is available at these casinos

Rank Casino Bonus Rating Visit
1 withdrawal comeon ComeonT & C Apply Visit
2 get lucky casino cash out Get LuckyT & C Apply Visit
3 mobilebet cash out MobilebetT & C Apply Visit
4 cherrycasino cash out CherryCasinoT & C Apply Visit

The Best Casinos for Starters

Find the very best casinos for beginners

starter best casino player new

Playing casino games is something many people enjoy, but how do you find the very best casinos for starters, if you do not know exactly where to start? Read on here if you want to know more about how to find exactly the casinos that are the very best for you (recommended casino) and not least choose based on your interests in different types of games. There is plenty to choose from and you can definitely find something that suits you very well.

Playing casino is becoming more and more common in the entire world, but due to the large number of players, more and more online casinos companies are appearing – which can make it a little difficult to try to find them. which best suits you as a player. And when you are new and have no experience with casinos, it can be difficult to know what to look for and how to go about finding the casinos that will suit you the best.

How to choose a casino (online)

Number 1: It can be very nice to check out a casino guide like our site, or another one when you are a new player. For one of the ways a new player chooses which casinos are the best is to read what other players, or the industry in general, have to say on the subject. There are many different casinos out there, and these guides are a good place to start when it comes to finding the most perfect casinos for you.

Number 2: Having said that, it is also very important that you choose based on which games you like to play. Because even though there is a lot to choose from, it is sometimes better to look at a slightly narrower selection – for example those who specialize in the type of game that you know you like. It can be a great way to start.

Number 3: A third thing that is very good is to navigate and find more info in relation to what other users are saying. Those who play, or have played, on the platforms you consider, are often one of the best ways to get an overview of which casinos will suit you best as well, because those with the same interests often like the same things as yourself. allows players to comment on each casino, for informing other player about their casino experiences.

Think about this when you are a new player

There are many things that are good to know when you are a new player, and even though it may say itself, it is still absolutely essential that you mention it: it is incredibly important that you choose a credible casino that has a safe and secure login and other things, so you can be sure that your money does not just disappear. There are many good, safe platforms, so be sure to choose these.

Another thing is to decide what you want to play for, and stick to this – whether you win or lose. This is one of the best ways not to get too influenced financially by playing, something you should definitely focus on.

Rank Casino Bonus Rating Visit
1 highroller casino payment HighrollerT & C Apply Visit
2 CasinoFridayT & C Apply Visit
3 EnergyCasinoT & C Apply Visit
4 withdrawal comeon ComeonT & C Apply Visit
5 get lucky casino cash out Get LuckyT & C Apply Visit
6 Cresus CasinoT & C Apply Visit
7 cherrycasino cash out CherryCasinoT & C Apply Visit
8 Gday CasinoT & C Apply Visit
9 rizk cash out RizkT & C Apply Visit
10 Hello CasinoT & C Apply Visit

Top 10 Casinos 2022

Top ten casinos online (2022)

We present the top 10 best casinos on the internet in 2022. The selection of the best online casinos is carried out on the basis of a continuous and in-depth analysis of over 300 casinos. All casinos that hold a top-10 ranking can be safely and legally used, and we guarantee a positive experience, top entertainment value, and perhaps gigantic winnings! is independent of all casinos mentioned on this website. You can be absolutely sure that our ranking is genuine. An interesting remark is that the top 10 casinos that come out best in our thorough tests correspond to results in a comprehensive survey conducted by So it turns out that the casinos that players are most happy with are the same casinos that are again on our top list.

About the selection process best online casino. No other casino portal is as thorough as us. We have a continuous review process of over 300 online casinos. Casinos that are known to conduct fraudulent activities or “gray zone activities” are blacklisted and do not exist in our top 10 casino list. However, this does not mean that we hand out top marks to all our casinos, as many other junk casino portals do. Each casino that is ranked is assessed on the basis of many criteria, which can give a rating from 0 to 5 points. To make it easy for our readers, we also present dice rolls (1-6) based on our rating rating. Each casino with a rating of over 80% is re-evaluated weekly, and all casinos in the list are re-evaluated at least once a month.

Top 10 Casino list

Rank Casino Bonus Rating Visit
1 wildz cash out Wildz CasinoT & C Apply Visit
2 withdrawal comeon ComeonT & C Apply Visit
3 Wheelz CasinoT & C Apply Visit
4 get lucky casino cash out Get LuckyT & C Apply Visit
5 caxinop-payments CaxinoT & C Apply Visit
6 EnergyCasinoT & C Apply Visit
7 rizk cash out RizkT & C Apply Visit
8 casumo cash out CasumoT & C Apply Visit
9 Lucky8T & C Apply Visit
10 Cresus CasinoT & C Apply Visit

Criteria for selecting top 10 casino in 2022

We have set several criteria for selecting casinos. This applies to everything from payouts, bonuses, playability and entertainment value, as well as a number of other details and finally an overall assessment. Payouts count, for example, 10% of the grade, and here we will consider here how fast payments are made. If the casino does not pay out the amount the player is entitled to, this gives a downgrade rating, and the casino will be blacklisted, and thus no listing of the casino at

In the case of fatal deficiencies such as this, such as here where the casino is unable to pay out winnings, we believe the casino deserves blacklisting regardless of how good the casino might otherwise be. Game quality and software are an important part of the assessment, and we also emphasize security (including the casino’s robustness and suitability to take responsibility for managing players’ deposits and money). Furthermore, we also consider reputation and popularity, where we place special emphasis on verified (documented) complaints and criticism from the casino’s players.

Which top 10 casino in 2022 does recommend? must be as objective as possible in our assessments. The worst casinos are rated according to the same criteria as the best casinos. Of course, everyone in the editorial office has their own personal favorites, but this does not affect the outcome of our quantitative tests. is probably the only casino portal in the world that assesses casinos on a quantitative basis, the vast majority use qualitative assessments, ie subjective assessments that in our eyes are unsuitable for ranking online casinos.

Our regular readers will find that the list is updated weekly, and the ranking of the casinos varies somewhat. Those who hold a top 10 position will usually always stay in the top. If we are to recommend anything, there must be an invitation to try more casinos from the top-10 list, among these we can almost guarantee you that you will find your personal favorite to play at in 2022. It is not easy to find a casino that you are really happy with, but with our top list as a starting point, you can focus on testing fewer casinos more thoroughly, rather than testing dozens of casinos before you find your favorite. We have limited the selection to only the best casinos, and the hard work is done – now you can only pick and choose among the best online casinos in the world!

Get bonuses on top 10 casinos in 2022!

Get more money on 1-2-3. It is both sensible and easy to take advantage of the bonus systems of the online casino mentioned on this page. To get the best bonuses, you must of course deposit money (deposit), and play according to the current bonus rules. A good way to start is to start with a casino at the top of the list here, deposit money and play your way through the bonus claim, then withdraw money and continue to the next casino on the list, and so on. Once you have reached the end of the list, you can start at the top again, but this time you only use the casinos that offer extra loyalty bonuses and other bonus offers to existing customers in 2022. This way you can get tens of thousands bonus money to play for!

Bonus hunters: The tactic described above is often called “bonus hunt”. If you are looking to get the most money to play for, this is a simple but superior tactic, anyone can become a skilled bonus hunter! If you want to maximize your chances of the big wins, it is almost imperative that you take advantage of the various bonuses provided by online casinos on this site.

Last week we saw an explosive growth in the use of online casino games by players. This trend picture shows a gratifying development, and follows closely the trend that has now been going on since the past years. This is good, because it provides increased competition and better conditions for us players. All consumers / players thus become winners.

A lot of offers on display

Today, you can literally get over 50 000 $/€ in bonuses from online casinos, if you sign up at several casinos that offer good bonuses. For the casinos, it is a necessity to give away attractive bonuses, otherwise they will simply not get enough players to cope in today’s demanding market.

The development of casinos on the internet is very positive, and we see a clear direction towards professionalism and seriousness on a whole new level. The largest gaming companies operating in the market maintain an exceptionally good standard, even in an international context. If you choose an online casino that is recognized among players, and that is active in marketing, you can be sure that it is most likely a safe casino.

you can trust – we are the leading service for gambling. Advertisements and offers published on CasinoWithdrawal have been revised and approved according to our strictest quality requirements and are guaranteed to be safe to use. We are independent of the services referred to.

Safe to play casino online?

How safe is it to play at a online casino?

This is not a simple yes/no question, it`s actually more complex than an easy answer as it depends on several important factors. An online casino can be completely safe, or it can be a fraudulent operation where you risk losing money and where your personal information comes astray.

Some online casinos you should always stay far away from, you can find these scam casino sites in our blacklisted casinos section. How many scam casinos are online these days? We don’t have an exact number, but we know that there are probably many hundreds of scamming casino sites online. These are casinos that can best be described as fraud and deception. They take your money (confiscate players’ deposits), and sell your personal information for all it’s worth to make money without even blinking. These are casinos with no integrity and should stay far away.

We have a list of scam casinos

In other words, there are hundreds of scam casinos out there. They make money fooling their players. The list would be long, and we have a way to make a complete list as we informed you about. We focus on the casinos we know are safe for players, and also informing players about scam casino sites online and good casinos and gambling sites that we absolutely know is 100% safe.

So you will find a list of dangerous casino and gambling sites that do trickery here with us. There are many online lists that warn against different casinos, but none of these lists are close to being complete.

Safe casinos online

How do you know that an online casino/gambling is safe? If you find a review of the casino on our page, it is a quality sign. The large and well-known gambling sites that target players are usually relatively safe to place bets on.

The online casinos featured on our website will inform you that a casino is considered to be 100% safe to play at. This means, among other things, that the online casino takes care of your deposit regardless of the operation of the casino; that the games are fair; that customers get the support they need, and several other factors.

A few things which makes a casino safe

Your deposit is (and should be) independent of the operation of the online casino you`re playing at. Should the online casino go bankrupt, you will still get your deposit back. In other words, creditors and others who can claim money from the casino should not be able to take players’ funds in the event of a bankruptcy situation.

Fair games

Some online casino games are rigged and not anything else than a scam. This means that you can win a lot of money easily, for example, when playing with “play money”; but the moment you deposit and start playing with your own real money, the losses come, and they come big time. This is of course not fair to the player. Another example is when the game is controlled by algorithms developed with malicious intent, where the goal is that the casino has an unfair advantage over what the game in question. In roulette you know approximately what probabilities you have of winning, but if the game is rigged it may be that the player has a better chance of losing money when wagering a large amount. A fair casino has honest games that work much like one would expect from a physical casino game.

Regulated or apporoved by an authority

Most online casinos are operated from Malta, Curacao or Cyprus, as well as some from the UK and other countries. A regulated casino must comply with a number of laws and regulations, and it is the regulatory body that shall ensure that the games are set up in accordance with the law and that cheating does not occur. Be careful with unregulated casinos or casinos with fake licenses.

Seriousness at all levels

An honest casino does not peril with fraud or otherwise act dishonestly towards customers. In the first meeting with a casino one will not always be able to reveal the seriousness. It is often only when withdrawing money or starting to play with deposits that you find out if the casino is really as serious as it pretends to be. That`s where we`ll step in and save you, sums up information from all players to protect you.

Always plays safe – use

Use and you have a good overview of casinos that are safe to play at. We do also mention casinos that are unregulated as we spoke about, and we will always set off the alarm bell if there is a bad reputation among players. Here you will only find serious gambling sites that are known for seriousness and good entertainment in the globally market. Good luck and play it safe.

10 Safe online casinos for you

Rank Casino Bonus Rating Visit
1 Wheelz CasinoT & C Apply Visit
2 betsafe cash out BetsafeT & C Apply Visit
3 casino euro cash out Casino EuroT & C Apply Visit
4 wildz cash out Wildz CasinoT & C Apply Visit
5 mr green cash out Mr GreenT & C Apply Visit
6 Wild SlotsT & C Apply Visit
7 caxinop-payments CaxinoT & C Apply Visit
8 Casino LuckT & C Apply Visit
9 Wild SlotsT & C Apply Visit
10 Next CasinoT & C Apply Visit

What is RTP? Return To Player

What does RTP have to say for you as a casino player?


If you’ve ever played online casino games or even read through the slot game information which usually is to be found when clicking the paytable, you’ve probably come across the phrases “volatility” and “RTP” followed by a percentage below 100. So the questions still remains, what is RTP? What is volatilit? And what do the terms have to say for you as a player? This term may confuse many players, but we`ll try to cover it as much as possible for you to get a hang on it.

What is RTP?

RTP is short for “Return to Player”. This is an indication of how much you can expect slots to pay out in winnings set against the stakes set. Volatility, on the other hand, says something about how often, and the size of the winnings when playing a slot machine or other games. Most online slots these days will have an RTP around/or just over 96%, which is considered a good RTP for players. A slot machine with an RTP of 96% will pay out €9.60 of each set hundred dollars as winnings. The remaining four dollars are the rake or share of the house and the developer.

When new casinos include slots in their game library, they are obliged by the licensing authorities to disclose what the RTP is for each slot game. Here, some will be more open about the RTP than others. In any case, you will be able to find information about the game’s payback percentage under the reels of the game if you click on the information page of the game in question. The information page is often likely to be found together with the volume control and usually has an “information” symbol.

What does volatility tell you about a slot machine?

Volatility is a good indication of how a slot machine “behaves” and will say a little about what the outcome of the game will be. Here, a lower volatility will mean that you will win more often, but get generally get lower wins. If the volatility is higher, there will be longer time between wins, but once it goes in, you will win a lot bigger. A slot machine always carries a risk of loss, but also a chance to win big, should you get lucky and win some cash. Whether you like slots with higher or lower RTP, taste and pleasure have their place in casinos of good quality.

Once we are into slots, we can also mention that it may be worth investigating a slot machine’s volatility before choosing to take advantage of a welcome bonus as it is not insignificant what volatility there is on the slots you get the bonus for. If the game has a high volatility closer to 99%, the chances of you getting less value out of the welcome bonus the theory is harder to win big with a higher volatility. That is also why some games are restricted to play while playing with bonus money.

Can an online casino manipulate the RTP?

It is not uncommon for the more skeptical casino player to wonder if the online casinos are manipulating the RTP on their slots or committing scams, to lean the outcome in their favor. The fact is that online casinos don`t have any control over this, and they cannot adjust this themselves.

An online casino is only an intermediary of the games and is not itself the owner of them. The games are provided by an independent company provider that develops the slots and an important part of this development is the testing phase. During the testing phase, the slot machine is examined by a third party who makes sure that the game makes use of an RNG or Random number Generator which, via advanced algorithms, determines the outcome of a game as stipulated by licensing authorities. The RTP is calculated based on the results of a set number of spins on the new game. If the RTP turns out not to vote, the game’s must be adjusted to be within acceptable limits.

Malta Gaming Authority – MGA

Malta Gaming Authority | MGA Casino licensing

malta mga casino

The MGA is probably the most common license used by online casinos that offer gambling to online players across the globe. This license is issued by the Malta Gaming Authority – the gaming authority of Malta, which is a member state of the European Union (EU). Malta is a small island and is located south of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea. There are hundreds of online casinos that are located here and that use this license. The MGA licence can be used both for gambling in Malta and from Malta.

The license from MGA is not only the most common license for online casinos, but it is also the license that is considered safe and the very best. This is a strict license, and casinos have a whole list of rules that they must adhere to if they want, and retain, the casino license. We can also mention that this license used to be called lottery and gaming authority – LGA, but this was switched to the Malta Gaming Authority in 2014. Examples of online casino sites licensed from Malta are CasinoEuro and FrankFred, but note that there are thousands of others. The reason we mention these is that they are both listed and both are headquartered in Malta.

Facts about MGA:

Tax rate: Up to 5%
Price: €21,000 in setup, as well as ongoing annual costs and commissions

Strict license for online casinos

The Maltese casino and gambling license is as strict as it is precisely is known to be, that’s why it is considered the very best license to play under for all online players across the world. The MGA is constantly taking on both reported and unannounced visits to online casinos, and asks for access to both routines and individual cases. If they find deficiencies at the casinos they can issue fines and in the worst case remove the license from the casino, leaving a gambling company with no legal grounds to operate. This is the worst thing that can happen to an online casino, which is why all casinos that use the MGA are careful to comply with all rules. Which also means safety for us players.

All casinos should be secure and that is the most important thing for the MGA, which is why, a few years ago they introduced rules for all employees at the casinos. All those who worked at an online casino had to get their own license to work in a casino with an MGA license. This meant that all employees had to verify themselves and prove that they did not have a criminal record. A clean record was simply required for all employees. However, this proved to require more work from the MGA than was affordable, which is why this rule was removed in 2016. With thousands of employees to be verified each year, there was simply too much paperwork. Now only employees at the executive level and those who have to verify themselves.

Rules for money transactions

The MGA is very strict on money transactions, and the Anti Money Laundry (AML) Directive is strictly followed. All players must be verified with a valid ID and residential address, and there are strict rules for the documents to comply with the rules of the MGA. The MGA can visit a casino randomly and take samples of such documents, and if they find something that is not kept properly, inadequate documents, or at all missing documents, this is noted. Therefore, for example, you cannot request a withdrawal from a casino until you have verified your identity. This is just to protect you and to make sure they are not victims of identity theft.

They also check money transactions to ensure that no money is transferred between different players, and at all that all their and THE EU’s rules are followed to the tip.

Responsible Gaming Rules

In recent years, it has been responsible gaming that has been the focus of the Malta Gaming Authority. This commission has always kept this as something that they have included in their license, but they have become far stricter now than what they were a few years ago. A new rule that came in 2016 was that all online casinos must have a separate department, or a responsible employee, for responsible gaming. Absolutely all employees of the casino must also be learned in responsible gaming, and this also applies to employees who are not in direct contact with players.

In addition, it must be possible for a player to pause their account or choose to self-exclude themselves. It should also be possible to set limits on the gaming account for deposits, time sessions, turnover, losses and more. To raise such limits there are also strict rules, and this is something that can only be done 7 days after the desire for raising limits was registered. This is to give players an extra chance to change their minds.

Not only must there be tools to take responsibility for gaming, but the casino must also work actively to identify players who are at risk of becoming problem gamblers and stop them before things go out of hand.

Malta and online gambling

Malta is a tiny island just south of Sicily, perhaps best known for being the recording location for the first season of Game of Thrones; and online gambling. The casino industry is a major influence on the island, and a large part of the population is foreigners who have come to the island to work in the industry, mostly swedes. This has characterized Malta for good and bad. The island has enjoyed enormous economic growth, but the price level has also grown considerably and the housing market is very expensive relative to the wage levels among the regular Maltese citizens. There are also many nordic citizens who have started their careers here, and you will find nordic people in important positions among the biggest gaming companies. The fact that there are many from the nordics working in important positions in these companies is good news for us players, this means that there is a focus on games and promotions that we all appreciate.

Why is an MGA license good for you?

As Malta is an EU country, they are required by EU law when it comes to, among other things, privacy and they must follow anti-money laundering measures determined by this supranational body. Therefore, all operators who hold an MGA licence must comply with strict regulations, including the above points. Another point that is important to mention is all players are protected by any bankruptcies that affect the operator they are playing on. Operators are required to have separate accounts with player funds, so these are winnings belonging to the players and not the casino. This is a prudent method and that provides even a plus in the book for choosing casinos with a Maltese license.

If there is a conflict between you and the casino – you can lodge a formal complaint with the MGA and they will follow up on the complaint and process your private details in a correct manner. Therefore, you can be safe when playing at an MGA casino.

If you are unsure what license an online casino has, you will always find the license information at the bottom of the footer of the website. If they have a license from Malta this will be there and they must include the license number and when the license was issued.

Malta or Curacao?

The majority of European countries have regulation when it comes to online casinos, Norway and Germany together with Finland, is one of the few countries in Europe that operates only with a monopoly. Of the countries we like best to compare with, Sweden and Denmark they have managed something Norway have not yet achieved, a regulation of gaming companies, they simply don’t welcome them.

Sweden got its license in 2019, and the figures so far have proved that it has been positive for the Swedes – and they have gained better control of responsible gaming. It has also been reported that the proportion of problem gamblers has decreased – which is very positive, as one of the backtanks of having a licensing system is to get a grip with the proportion of players who are unable to master their playing. In Denmark, they have had a licence since 2012, and they have allowed a handful of foreign operators to operate in their market, such as Mr Green and Casino Luck.

Other players usually have the choice between online casinos that have a license either in Malta or on the Caribbean island, Curacao. The one from Curacao is not the best option. Many online casinos usually start with licenses from Curacao, so it’s much cheaper – before they usually always end up with a Maltese license.

what do we think?

As long as the authorities do not allow foreign gaming companies to participate in a licensing system, the Maltese is definitely the best license a online casino can have for players. However, we at are in favor of a licensing system similar to theirs in Sweden and Denmark, as we believe it will be even easier for a body to control and assist problem gamblers, as they can work closely with local organizations to to prevent problem gamblers. But before this happens, we can safely say that the Maltese license is a good and safe license for players at all times.

MuchBetter casino payments

Another great payment solution

MuchBetter is a relatively new casino e-wallet payment solution, specially designed for easy payments and transfers to casinos. To utilize MuchBetter, simply download an app on your mobile and all payments are confirmed later via this app.

MuchBetter has many advantages – it is a simple, practical and highly secure concept. Also, the gang behind MuchBetter gives you points when you use the app, and these points can give you cash prizes every Monday. That sounds pretty good, right?

Is MuchBetter a secure payment option?

yes, MuchBetter is among the safest payment solutions available today. On the MuchBetter Norway home pages, a lot of time and resources are specified in security so that your sensitive information should not be lost.

MuchBetter has many advantages – it is a simple, practical and highly secure concept. Also, the people behind MuchBetter gives you points when you use the app, and these points can give you cash prizes every Monday. That sounds pretty good, right?

Among other things, device pairing, dynamic security codes, and touch ID are used, making it very difficult for unauthorized people to access your account. When using MuchBetter in casinos you don’t have to enter sensitive information such as card numbers or other information at the casino itself, as all information is already stored in your account at MuchBetter Casino.

It also allows you to avoid casino scam. MuchBetter knows the dangers that are on the web today, and they have taken all the precautions that you as a user at should be 100% safe.

Costs and fees

MuchBetter even says that they are the most affordable e-wallet available. The registration and account creation at MuchBetter is completely free, and the cost of transfers and transactions is very low.

However, when used at casinos, different players can take different fees. Therefore, always check with the current casino which fees apply, and you will avoid unexpected surprises when paying off.

Open a MuchBetter account

Opening a MuchBetter account is done in a few minutes. The first thing to do is to download the MuchBetter app from Google Play or the App Store, depending on the type of smartphone you have.

Once that’s done you can open the app and start the free sign-up process. Follow the on-screen instructions, fill in the required information such as email and password and verify your account easy and fast with no hassle.

MuchBetter Mastercard

Once you’re done creating your MuchBetter account you can deposit money into your MuchBetter account and it’s ready for use at online casinos. Please note that you can also order a Mastercard once you have registered.

If your casino does not accept the MuchBetter casino as a payment option yet, you can always use the card for deposits and withdrawals instead. MuchBetter Casino has really put everything to the test for a really good user-experience.

Pros and cons of MuchBetter

So far, we have many good MuchBetter experiences, and it is rampant by benefits if you choose to use MuchBetter for payments. Firstly, you always have MuchBetter available via your phone.

You don’t have to keep track of your credit card and bank chip – everything you need can be found through their app. What’s more, MuchBetter is especially designed to be used at casinos – perfect for players who want fast, easy payment solutions.

Loyalty Program

However, what makes the MuchBetter stand out among other e-wallets – in a positive sense – is the way MuchBetter rewards their customers. Every time you’ve used MuchBetter to pay 85 kroner in a casino, you get so-called MuchBetter points in your MuchBetter account.

You also get points every time you transfer money to friends and family. These points will every Monday give you the chance to win rewards at Muchbetter – in the form of real money.

We have not encountered many disadvantages in our test of MuchBetter. If we are to mention something, it must be that the concept is still fairly new. This means that many casinos still don’t offer MuchBetter as a payment option.

Fortunately, MuchBetter has solutions to this. They provide free Mastercard, and if you cannot use the MuchBetter app for payments at new online casinos, you should be able to use Mastercard.


MuchBetter is a concept that is included in the modern times. It is unique, innovative and very secure. All you have to do is download an app on your mobile and register as a user at MuchBetter.

You can then use MuchBetter to pay at casinos, to transfer money to others, and more. The fees are low and all transactions are processed very quickly. Plus, you can collect points on your MuchBetter account, which can give you cash winnings.

Our MuchBetter experiences are exclusively good, and we believe — and hope — that MuchBetter will become a well-known phenomenon in the future.

MuchBetter casino list

Rank Casino Bonus Rating Visit
1 EnergyCasinoT & C Apply Visit
2 vegascasino cashout VegasCasinoT & C Apply Visit
3 withdrawal comeon ComeonT & C Apply Visit
4 casino euro cash out Casino EuroT & C Apply Visit
5 frank fred cash out Frank & Fred (Blacklisted Casino)T & C Apply Visit
6 mr green cash out Mr GreenT & C Apply Visit
7 redbet cash out RedbetT & C Apply Visit
8 winningroom cash out WinningRoomT & C Apply Visit
9 cherrycasino cash out CherryCasinoT & C Apply Visit
10 LVbet casinoT & C Apply Visit

A player wins €47.989,80 on a €2 spin!

Casumo Player won big in Lil Devil slot

A Casumo player won €47.989,80 on a €2,00 spin in Lil Devil from Big Time Gaming. Hurrah! Congrats to our friend, we truly hope that the money will be spent in a clever way! Lil Devil may sound like a cliché machine, but this is actually an exciting slot from Big Time Gaming that comes with some pretty impressive features.

Lil Devil has 6 reels, 4 rows and a total of 4096 paylines. It goes to themselves that this offers the possibility that you as a player can run away with some great top winnings. You can actually win 40 960 times your own bet, if it doesn’t shout high sums of money then we don’t know. In Lil Devil, of course, you also get the chance to try your free spins – in fact 4 different types.

BTG produced slot

In Big Time Gaming, the players are in focus, and this has led to a number of exciting slots that have resulted in this company being well known among players around the world.

Big Time Gaming is known for slots such as Opal Fruit, Kingmaker, Book of Goods and Extra Chilli. Big Time Gaming is especially known for developing the system they call Megaways, and now several other player developers have been given permission to take advantage of this mechanics. This shows that Big Time Gaming is a company that goes ahead to show how the future of slot machines should look.


Lil Devil is a great game from Big Time Gaming that comes with a fun graphics, great top wins and innovative features – including the 4 different types of free spins you can try your luck on. You’ll find Lil Devil and other slots at our recommended online casinos!

CasumoT & C Apply Try out the slot at Casumo or another recommended casino site here!

Use Revolut at online casinos!

Revolut is one of the best payment solutions

Revolut may not be so well known in the online casino world, but it is only because that this payment method is quite so new. It is one of the most flexible online banking system that exists and you can can have both physical cards and virtual cards attached to your account. Now, this payment solution has also found its way to the online casinos, and we have a lot of good things to say about Revolut.

Revolut – an advanced e-wallet

Calling Revolut for an e-wallet isn’t really right, because this is more like a web-based bank, as they say; “Better than your bank account“. Here you can have the correct bank accounts associated with your account, and you can also order physical Visa and Mastercard that you link directly to your Revolut account. What makes Revolut so special is that they support a total of 140 different currencies, of which Euro, one of them, and you can use your card throughout 180 different countries. Thus, they are not only aligned with most banks, but they also offer more with so many currencies.

In addition to offering an actual banking service, they also offer a variety of other services. You can actually also get a travel insurance through them, and this covers unforeseen medical treatments and dental services abroad. They also cover delayed planes and lost baggage. In addition, you can also get a so-called “idiot Insurance” on your mobile, so that you get covered accidentally such as a broken screen, moisture damage, and malfunctions that your warranty and claim warrant do not cover.

Revolut is thus far more than a standard e-wallet, such as Skrill, ecoPayz, Neteller and HiPay. This is more advanced, and thus in our opinion a lot better.

More usability than just online casinos

The Revolut payment service has now reached online casinos and that means you can cash in money in your Revolut account, via a bank transfer, and then create virtual cards that you can use to deposit at an online casino. This makes depositing money into your account safe and secure. Each time you use a virtual card, a new card number will be generated, and each card can only be used once. This not only makes you sure that no one can steal your card information, but it doesn’t matter if it happens or not. The card can simply be used once. You can have more money left in your virtual card, but your card number will only change.

This is not just an advantage at online casinos, but everywhere or where you use cards online. If you would rather use a regular card, you can order a physical card by mail.

Get a physical Revolut Visa or Mastercard

There is no limit to how many cards you may have associated with your account at Revolut, so here you can order as many as you like. However, no more than one card is required since they can also send out replacement cards within 3 days Globally. This means that even if you lose your card while you are traveling, you can quickly get a new card sent to where you are. They can now send out new cards to a total of 160 different countries.

These are cards that you can also use at ATMs around the world, and they also offer withdrawals entirely without fees. Depending on the type of account you choose, you can withdraw between 200 euro and 800 euro kroner with no monthly fees. If you take out more it will cost you 2% of your withdrawal.

By using your card you can also get between 0.1% and 1% cashback on your usage. This means that if you use your physical Revolut card at an online casino, you get an automatic cashback bonus from Revolut. Within Europe, the 0.1% you get on your card usage, while outside of Europe get 1%.

Travel Insurance by geolocation

One of the best services that Revolut offers is the ones that give you a travel insurance. Here you pay £1 per day you are traveling and through their app it detects immediately that you are leaving the country. The maximum amount you can be charged through one year is £30, so this is even a cheap insurance to have. If you know that you are a lot traveling then you can also choose to pre-pay £30 for the whole year.

Scam protection

This travel insurance is something that they have also put up for in a different way. To prevent your credit card from being used illegally by copying or skimming, you can limit which country the card will work in. You can choose to only allow card transactions in the country in which you are located, so that it cannot be used abroad unless you and your app Also Have traveled abroad.

Excellent for multiple currencies

If you use Revolut as a payment method at an online casino you can at length save yourself a lot of money when it comes to fees. For example, you can have money in many different currencies attached to your account, it does not matter if you are playing at an online casino that does not have Euro as currency. This is especially true for withdrawals, as this may incur hefty fees from regular banks.

Most of us who have a bank account only have our most used currency. That is, once you get into a payment in for example in Euro, the bank will perform a currency exchange for you, before the money reaches your account. This alteration you have to pay for, and in some cases it can come up in many hundreds of dollars. If you use Revolut you will release it, as the money is kept in the currency sent by the online casino. Here you have access to accounts in many different currencies on the same account, easy!

Bank Transfer with Revolut

Revolut is just like any other bank account, but much better, you can also transfer money to another bank account through a bank transfer. It also allows you to use Revolut to make a deposit to a casino online via for the methods they have for direct bank transfers. Thus, you can also use your Revolut account number to make withdrawals. Simple and convenient.

Verifying your Revolut Account

Revolut is a bank that you only use via the app, and that’s where you need to opt in and register as a user. Before you can make use of all the services, such as ordering a card, you need to verify your identity by submitting a photo of your ID, a photo of you, and possibly proof of address. Once that’s done, you’ll be approved, and you can start adding currencies and accounts the way you want.

When you need to verify your Revolut account with an online casino, there is pretty much a screenshot of your app being used, so it’s also easy to implement. More information is provided at your online casino.

SMS casino deposit

SMS Payment at Casino

There are always a lot of choices you have when deposit money into your casino account. Of course, gaming companies want to make a deposit as easy as possible for all their players, and therefore offer many different deposit methods to choose from. Common options that pop up are bank transfer, card payments, and payments through e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller. But a new twist that exists in some casinos is the ability to transfer money to a player account to through SMS payment.

Below you’ll see the list of casino that offers deposit with SMS and via your own mobile phone:

Rank Casino Bonus Rating Visit
1 withdrawal comeon ComeonT & C Apply Visit
2 mobilebet cash out MobilebetT & C Apply Visit
3 get lucky casino cash out Get LuckyT & C Apply Visit
4 vegascasino cashout VegasCasinoT & C Apply Visit
5 videoslots cash out VideoslotsT & C Apply Visit

How the service Works

Nowadays, there are not even that many casinos that offer a deposit method which affects your phone bill, but there is a payment method that some casino players would like to find easy and good to use. You pay directly from your mobile and the amount will be charged immediately. The amount you deposit will show up on your next phone bill.

Safety and security

All casino companies that target players must be licensed by a approved authority. There is currently two main regulatory bodies; MGA and UKGC. Most casino companies will therefore be established abroad. For European gaming companies, the small island of Malta is a popular place, and anyone who wants to offer a gamble from here must be authorised by the Maltese Gaming Authority. There are stringent requirements for security around how gaming funds are processed, so you can rest assured that all deposit and withdrawal options offered from a licensed casino are completely safe to use.

Fees and charges

As a rule, there are no fees or fees when it comes to SMS payment to a casino. However, the terms and conditions may always stand out from which payment provider is in question and which casino it is. Therefore, it is important that you check into any costs that a specific deposit method may have by looking at the casino’s home page. If you are unsure, do not be afraid to contact customer service at the casino you are playing at, so they can help you and respond to what you may be wondering about.

However it is very important to think about when it comes to an SMS payment/deposit to your casino account, you borrow money and you must be careful to play responsibly. It’s easy for things to go a little hot when you’re playing a slot game or being seated at a table game, and all of a sudden you’ve used and played away money you really couldn’t afford to lose. When you can also borrow money in a convenient and easy way, it can make the problem even bigger. So make sure you always have coverage for the amount you deposit so that without any problem you can repay the full amount once the invoice arrives. If you do not, it can quickly cost you a lot extra in terms of fees and high interest rates.

Siru Mobile Casino

Depositing at the online casino with mobile devices has never been easier. Siru-Mobile is probably the future in depositing solutions. The transfers take place immediately, while your money is 100% safe. This opens up opportunities for fast, secure and reliable deposits on different games.

There are few casino with Siru-Mobile as deposit method, but all casinos in the list we showed you have this mobile solution. In addition, there are so many more, and in all our casino reviews you will find all available payment methods.

With Siru Mobile Casino as an option, you can deposit funds into your gaming account. By a few simple keystrokes, your transfer risk-free money is completed. On top of that, the system is open to transactions all over the world. The payment method is 100% risk-free. If your order in the unlikely fails, your service will refund you money without any problems. The only system requirement when using the service is a phone with the ability to receive SMS messages.

No technical skills are required for you as a customer – Siru Mobile Casino can successfully be used by everyone.

Siru Mobile Limits

A limiting factor is admittedly that you as a customer can only choose between predetermined amounts up to the maximum limit of 28 euros on a monthly basis, the maximum amount is set to 300 euros.

How Siru Works

Another version of mobile payment is to simply pay with your mobile bill. Siru-Mobile offers a type of payment where you deposit money, and this installment is then added to your phone bill. This makes it even easier to pay via mobile, regardless of whether you’re playing from mobile or desktop. You can read more about the benefits of this payment method, continue reading this article.

To use Siru Mobile Casino, select the desired amount. Depending on your chosen deposit amount, you will be sent to a new, encrypted website. It will provide you with a unique phone number for your deposit. Once you have dialed the current number with your mobile phone, the money is placed on your casino account. Your deposits will be charged on your upcoming mobile bill.
If you do not think this is a payment solution and deposit method that suits you well, we would recommend choosing a more traditional way to deposit money, such as via your VISA card or Mastercard.

Alternatively, you can also use a lot of e-wallets like Skrill, MuchBetter and Neteller. These are safe and effective deposit and withdrawal methods that allow you to withdraw or deposit funds immediately.
Are you looking for a light and fast deposit solution when playing online casino? Then Siru Mobile Casino is the ingenious choice for you. At the same time as security is maintained, your system makes your deposit in a record-breaking and hassle-free way.