Neosurf Casino

Neosurf is a payment method that can be used at online casinos and other online shops. Neosurf Norge works in the way that it is a prepaid card, so you add money to the card and you get coupons and you can use it wherever you want. The company is from France, and this is a payment method that has become more and more popular among players.

When you buy this prepaid card or buy Neosurf , you buy prepaid coupons. When you have a coupon, you can use it as a payment method at a Neosurf casino . When you use casino Neosurf and their coupons, you get a safe, fast and problem-free payment method. This payment method is often called neosurf code online and thus works via coupon codes, so simple and smart.

Casino with Neosurf

Furthermore, you do not need to enter either the card number or other information such as personal information. Neosurf was started as early as 2004, and has been on the market for a long time with others. It is in the last couple of years that online casinos have started to use this payment method, and it has been received with great enthusiasm among players. You can find this payment method at, among others, Comeon, Mobilebet and Get Lucky.

As mentioned, this payment method has become more and more popular among players as a payment method at online casinos. There are more and more online casinos that offer this as a payment method. There is no doubt that online casinos work around the clock to always be able to offer good payment methods , and they have managed that with this product.

When you use this payment method, you buy coupons, which you can use wherever and whenever you want. It doesn’t have to be at online casinos, but as I said it can be in any online store. It is important to mention that it is completely legal to use this solution as a payment method.

When you buy Neosurf, you can buy it anywhere in the world, including grocery stores, gas stations, kiosks and more. As of today, there are no outlets that sell this physically in stores. That said, you have the option of buying it online, and you can do that at several different online stores.

When you buy Neosurf, you can choose different currencies, but if you want to use it at a online casino, you must buy it in your currency. If you need tips on where to buy Neosurf, you can find it at the Dundle online store, among other things.

At Dundle you can buy different coupons of different values, including $/€ 10, 20 and 150. When you buy Neosurf, you will receive your coupon by email as soon as you have paid. To buy it, you can, among other things, use payment methods such as Paypal, MasterCard or Visa.

There is no doubt that there have been fewer and fewer payment methods at the some online casinos, and the reason for this is that the authorities are trying to make it difficult for them, even though it is completely legal and within the EEA regulations. One can therefore expect that more and more online casinos will adopt this solution as a payment method.

That said, the more people who demand Neosurf the more outlets will sell it, but as of now you can only buy it at various online stores. It’s easy and you can do it when you want and when you want. That’s the way we like it!

Is Neosurf available at casinos?

As mentioned, Neosurf has been available for some time at some online casinos, and more and more are choosing to offer this payment method. It is to the great delight of casino players, as this payment method works excellently. There is a reason why it has already become as popular as it is!

Our experts only recommend safe and secure online casinos, and all we recommend are of course licensed. All of these online casinos are good online casinos that you can trust. If you’ve never played any of these, you can also get a welcome bonus when you sign up. What the welcome bonus is on varies from one to another, but one thing is certain and that is that good bonuses await you.

If you’re already an existing player at one of these, then there’s no need to fret. When you are an existing player, you often get bonuses in cabin and gun, and you can also sign up for various campaigns and tournaments.

If you play at one of these online casinos, you can use this payment method for deposits. Unfortunately, it is not possible to use it for withdrawals. You may be wondering how to do it when using Neosurf, and we will look at that in more detail in the section below.

Neosurf: How it works

Neosurf has been well received and they are available at several of the large and well-known online casinos. When you use this payment method, you can use it when you make a deposit at an online casino, but you can also use Neosurf at other online stores when you shop online.

One of the reasons why many people prefer to use Neosurf is because of the security that they offer. When you use this payment method, you do not need to enter either your card number or other personal information at the online casino. When you pay with Neosurf, you enter the code on the back of your Neosurf card.

Our experts are very enthusiastic about Neosurf, and especially because of the anonymity that this card has. Many people are reluctant to play at online casinos because they do not want to use their own bank card or provide too much personal information. With this payment method, you don’t need it, and you reduce the possibility of fraud.

  • When you are going to make a deposit at an online casino with Neosurf, it is done in 1-2-3. There are a few simple steps you have to go through and it’s done in seconds. Below we will take a closer look at how you make a deposit with this payment method.
  • You must first of all buy Neosurf from an online store or retail outlet. It is important that you remember to buy your currency if you intend to use this payment method at a online casino
  • You will find ten digits on the back of the coupon which is a PIN code
    Go to an online casino that offers Neosurf as a payment method
  • Log in to your game account, go to deposit and select Neosurf as the payment method. When that is done, you enter the ten digits that you find on the back of the coupon
  • Once you have done that, the deposit is made and the money is available in your gaming account
    In other words, it is very easy to use Neosurf, and as you can see it is done in a few seconds. It is a fast and efficient payment method that really takes security very seriously.

When it comes to withdrawals, you unfortunately cannot use this payment method, as this is a prepaid card. In other words, this means that if you want to make a withdrawal at a online casino, you unfortunately cannot choose Neosurf to make a withdrawal, and you must choose another withdrawal method.

It varies which payment methods online casinos have for withdrawals, but one payment method that is always available for withdrawals is a bank transfer. This is a payment method you can use for withdrawals. If you don’t want to use it, online casinos usually have other payment methods available, including e-wallets such as EcoPayz. The possibilities are many, but for withdrawals it is not possible to use Neosurf.

When you use this payment method to make a deposit, you can play on any slot machine you want. If you need some recommendations for slot machines, we can recommend that you check out Mega Joker or Jackpot 6000.

Fees and charges on Neosurf

The good news is that there are no fees or charges on this payment method. Even when you buy coupons, there are no fees, so you pay what you want of value and only when you buy Neosurf.

There are also no fees or charges when you make a deposit at an online casino with this payment method. What you choose and deposit at the online casino is what you pay, and we like that. As mentioned above, it takes a few seconds to make a deposit when using Neosurf.

It is nevertheless important to mention that if you have bought a voucher and not used it within a year, a fee will be charged every month until you use it. The fee is $/€ 2, and will be deducted every month until you use it.

If you have several coupons that you have not used, you can actually collect all the coupons on one and the same coupon, making it easier for you to keep an overview. If you know that you will soon have a coupon that you have had for a year, it can be smart to transfer it to another coupon that is “younger”.

This is smart because then you avoid fees and charges. You can always check your coupons on Neosurf’s homepage. To do that, you use the ten-digit pin code that you find on the back of the coupon. You then get an overview of how much money you have left. You can also see what you have spent money on. In other words, it is easy to have an overview of this payment method.

Customer support and security

As mentioned, this is a safe and good payment method. When you use it as a payment method at an online casino, you also do not have to enter your card number and other personal information, which you would have to do if you used other payment methods such as MasterCard or Visa. As mentioned, this card is a prepaid card and you therefore do not need to provide any information apart from the 10-digit pin code.

Although this payment method is safe and secure, it is important that you also always ensure that your security is taken care of. Since the coupon is sent to you by e-mail, it is important that you make sure that your e-mail account is secure. You do this by having a password with numbers, letters and characters. If you use the entire value at once, you have nothing to worry about.

If you should be unlucky enough to once lose your coupon, fortunately it is not a card number or something that has gone astray, and since you buy specific values ​​on your coupon, fortunately there will be a limited loss.

Neosurf is owned by a company called Neosurf Cards SAS, and they are the ones who make the coupons. This company is registered in Lithuania and thus follows Lithuanian laws and regulations. They have a license to be able to offer this prepaid card in the EU and EEA, and you can therefore use it legally.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Neosurf

There are both advantages and disadvantages to this payment method, but there are of course more advantages than disadvantages. One of the biggest advantages is that it is safe and secure to use this payment method, and the possibility of fraud is reduced. Furthermore, there are more and more online casinos that offer this as a payment method. When you use this payment method for deposits, you also get access to the various casino bonuses.

Furthermore, as mentioned, it is an anonymous payment method and that is positive for those who do not want to provide personal information more times than they have to. Furthermore, Neosurf is legal, and you can therefore use it without worrying about doing something wrong.

When it comes to disadvantages, the biggest disadvantage of this payment method will be that you can only use it for deposits, but not withdrawals. We hope that sometime in the future they will be able to offer the payment method also for withdrawals. Furthermore, there are few places that sell Neosurf, and as of today you cannot buy it at any outlets in some countries, but only online. In other words, there are not many disadvantages, and the advantages outweigh the small disadvantages that come with this payment method.