MiFinity Casino

MiFinity is a global payment provider that offers easy payments via their modern and cost-effective e-wallet. With MiFinity casino ‘s digital wallet, you can make deposits and withdrawals on many popular and well-known casino sites.

The e-wallet promises you endless possibilities, fast and easy payment transfers and some of the lowest fees on the market.

With MiFinity you can send money to both online casinos and other websites, as well as friends and family in over 70 countries and 15 different currencies. In addition, you can get the e-wallet in 20 different languages ​​and use over 40 different payment methods to top up your account.

The e-wallet also uses the latest anti-fraud and security tools to protect your sensitive information when you make payments or send money.

The company also offers a virtual IBAN that allows you to transfer money across national borders – completely free of charge. While you can also use an eVoucher – or e-coupon – which you can either send to friends and family or use as a deposit method at various casinos without having to enter your own bank details.

The e-wallet is authorized by the FCA – Financial Conduct Authority in Great Britain. This corresponds to the Financial Supervisory Authority and makes them a safe and secure payment provider.

In this guide, we will take a closer look at how MiFinity works, how you make deposits and withdrawals at online casinos with MiFinity, advantages and disadvantages of using the e-wallet, security, fees and which MiFinity casino is the very best .

How does MiFinity work?

MiFinity acts as an online wallet that you can use to make payments online. That way, you don’t have to provide your personal card information to all the different casinos, but you only need to do this on your MiFinity account.

To make a MiFinity payment, you can use the downloadable app and make simple and secure online payments – without having to carry credit cards, code tags or other tools to pay online.

A payment is usually only made by entering your phone number, while you can deposit into your MiFinity account using your payment card, bank account or the like.

How to create a MiFinity account

Getting started on MiFinity is a simple process. Here is a step-by-step explanation of how to open your MyFinity account.

  1. Create your account – Open a MiFinity account by going to their website or downloading the MiFinity app. Fill in your information such as name, address, phone number etc. and follow the instructions that you get in the app or on the website.
  2. Verify your account – Once the account is created, you must verify it by submitting documents to confirm your ID and address. It can be a passport, bank card, electricity bill, tenancy agreement or the like. Such verification should not take many days.
  3. Deposit money into the wallet – Before you can make a deposit to your casino account (more about MiFinity casino and how to use the online wallet in the next section), you must deposit money into the digital wallet. You can do this by, for example, using your regular payment card or making a bank transfer.
  4. You can now deposit , withdraw or withdraw money from your MiFinity account.

How do I use MiFinity at the casino?

You have now created your MiFinity account and are ready to use the e-wallet at the casino. The first thing we need to find out is where you can use MiFinity as a payment solution.

How do I deposit and withdraw with MiFinity?

You have found the casino you want to play at, and now you are ready to make a deposit. This is how you deposit funds into your gaming account with MiFinity.

  • Make sure you have a registered account on MiFinity
  • Select MiFinity on the deposit page and enter the amount you wish to deposit
  • Choose the same currency as in your MiFinity account
  • Enter your phone number and press “continue” to approve the deposit
  • Your playing funds will be in your account as soon as the transfer is approved in the app

Advantages and disadvantages of MiFinity

  • Simple and immediate deposits
  • Beneficial app
  • Secure payments
  • Low fees

A deposit via MiFinity is as fast as a deposit with a payment card and is in your account immediately after the transaction has gone through. Fees for a transaction – regardless of whether it is a deposit or withdrawal – are very low, and they are among the payment methods that offer the lowest fees of all providers.

The payments are also completely secure, and they have a completely secure platform that works continuously to prevent fraud, ID theft and money laundering. In addition, they are approved by the FCA, which is the British version of the Financial Supervisory Authority.

In addition, you will not face challenges with a deposit with MiFinity, as your card payment goes to an e-wallet and not directly to a casino. That way, you can be sure that you will always be able to deposit money, if you want to play casino.


  • Not available at all casinos
  • Fees for currency exchange and payments

Although MiFinity offers both a mobile app, prepaid coupons and simple deposits to the casino, we have to admit that we miss other payment methods such as Mastercard or contactless payment. Maybe this will come in the future.

A disadvantage of MiFinity is also that the payment method is not yet available at all casinos, so you have to search a bit to find the casinos you can use. Fortunately, we’ve listed the best ones earlier in this guide.

You also have to pay a small fee when you make a deposit or withdrawal with MiFinity. It is not a question of high fees, but today several other payment methods have removed the fees completely – and perhaps that could be a reason why some choose the payment method. More on this in the next section.

Security and fees

MiFinity complies with some of the strictest safety regulations and is regularly audited and checked. All transactions made with their e-wallet are encrypted and secured with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology. This protects your information and data when you transfer money to and from an online casino.

Their IT systems are protected by state-of-the-art firewalls, making the entire payment process even more secure. You must also log in with a unique username and secure password to access the e-wallet.

The payment method complies with all European regulatory requirements and is constantly working to make the e-wallet more secure.

MiFinity operates with a small fee on its deposits, withdrawals, money transfers and currency conversions.

If you are going to deposit money into your MiFinity account, the following fee applies

  • Visa 1,8 %
  • Mastercard 1,8 %
  • Cryptocurrency 1.8%
  • Trustly 1,8 % + € 0,19
  • A withdrawal from MiFinity will also have a small fee added. These are the fees for the most popular payment methods.
  • Cryptocurrency 1.8%
  • Visa € 1
  • Mastecard € 1,75
  • If you want to transfer money to other MiFinity wallets or to friends and family, the following fee applies.
  • Send money between own MiFinity wallets 1% (max €1)
  • Send money to friends and family 1% (max €10)
  • Send money to bank account (fees may differ from bank to bank)
  • Receive money – free

If you want to transfer money to another currency, a fee of 2.99% will be added at the normal exchange rate. Note that if it is to be transferred to a particular currency, the fee may be somewhat higher.

It should be added that your MiFiniti account is free to use, but if you do not use the account and do not log in for 12 months, the account will become inactive. A service fee of €1 will then be deducted every month, so be sure to log into your account and check that everything is OK – even if you don’t use your account regularly.