Star Clusters Megaclusters™

4.7 /5
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Star Clusters Megaclusters™ Features

  • Available from June 2020
  • BTG Slot
  • Huge winning potential

Star Clusters Megaclusters™ Information

  • Game Type: Slot
  • Software: Big Time Gaming
  • RTP : 96,54%
  • Bonus game : N/A
  • Scatters : N/A
  • Multiplier : Yes - unlimited
  • Freespins : Yes

Star Clusters Megaclusters™

The Star Clusters Megaclusters slot, from Big Time Gaming has once again broken up new land, serving us top-class entertainment here. This is a slot that is going to score high among the vast majority of players, and has you get a new twist on a well-known mechanic that you’re almost guaranteed to love. Try the slot machine now at reputable casinos!

Star Clusters Megaclusters is an acquaintance of Big Time Gaming that is almost difficult to both put into words and describe – this is a slot that must be largely experienced itself. As we said in the introduction, this is groundbreaking work that has been done, and this has led you to test a slot that will change everything you thought about slots built around the principle of cluster slot machines – also called Cluster Pays.

This is a reactor game where you have a Gold Wild multiplier and some free spins that you hardly thought existed! Are you ready for a very special experience? Excellent – let’s get started!

About the slot

To get to the point with the purely technical: It is Big Time Gaming that is behind Star Cluster’s Megaclusters, and once the game has loaded you see that there is a so-called cluster slot where there are 4 rows and four columns in question. In the free rounds you will play with 8 rows and 8 columns and here winning symbols will be played and reacting and ensure that up to 256 symbols can be created in turn. The slot also has a Go Wild Multiplier that increases when Gold Wild is part of a win.

This is a very volatile slot that can give you winnings of up to 23,000 times the bet, and the game’s RTP is set at 96.54%. However, the company has created other slots that are even more volatile than this one. In terms of the bet, you can bet anywhere from €2 to €20 per spin.

When BTG comes with new slots, it’s smart to pay a little attention as this bunch is very inventive. We remember that Megaways was launched on the market and what a big surprise it was. Not only do we get the first cluster slot from Big Time Gaming – we also get a brand new gaming mechanism that goes by the name Megaclusters, and it can make sure it can get hot around your ears!

Design and sound

When the slot opens, Star Cluster’s Megaclusters may initially be perceived as a little cute and nosy, but as I said, you should not see the dog on the hairs. It’s a fairly simple background of flashing lights that comes hazarding towards us and that makes it look like we’re moving at the speed of light in space.

There has also been a lot of work to be done with the soundscape in this slot, and if you listen closely you will be able to recognize some references to other games, such as Street Fighter and Metal Gear. A pair of high-quality headphones will lift your gaming experience – absolutely guaranteed.


As I said, we basically start with a grid/layout of 4×4 symbols, and the slot has a touch of getting straight out of a diner in the 1950s-60s. As I have said, this is a so-called cluster pays slot, but there has been a never-so-small twist in this slot. That there is a cluster slot simply means that there are no paylines in this game, and to win wins must therefore be given 5 matching symbols that are connected to each other either vertically and/or horizontally.


When it comes to Big Time Gaming’s use of symbols Star Clusters Megaclusters, there are gems in lots of different colours that you have chosen to bet on. The colors are turquoise, yellow, orange, green, blue, red and purple. In terms of the value of the different gems, this ranges from 10x for the least valuable to 50x for the most valuable – and this applies if you get 25 or more matching symbols in a cluster.

Of course, getting such clusters can be difficult and to help us along the way, BTG has added two different wild symbols – a regular wild symbol and a Gold Wild.

A wild symbol is simply a symbol that acts as a joker and can thus be included in any combination along with ordinary symbols. So it’s also for the two wild symbols in Star Clusters Megaclusters, and if you get a cluster of 6 purple gems and a wild symbol that’s adjacent, you’ll get a payout as if you had 6 little gems.

Stars Clusters Megaclusters Multiplier

The difference between the regular wild symbol and Gold Wild is that when the latter is part of a combination then a multiplier will be added to the win. This starts at xx and will increase by +1 each time it becomes part of a win. The multiplier is unlimited and if you win a lot of wins in a row, it will be sky-high.

The multiplier is reset when it’s ready for a new spin – unless you’ve activated free spins, which I’ll get back to in a little bit.

Well: then it’s time to get loose on the fun and see exactly what it is that makes this slot get top score from me!

Megaclusters – something brand new!

It’s when you start getting winning combinations that we really get to see what Star Clusters Megaclusters are made of, and although it might sound complicated, it’s simply not.

It works like this: each symbol that becomes part of a winning combination will be divided into four smaller symbols so that one can form even more Megaclusters. If you get winning combinations with these smaller symbols, they will be removed from the reels so that new symbols can fall down and replace them. This will continue until no more winning combinations are formed. This is called Reactions.

As you can see, this means that all the original 16 positions in the grid/game board can be divided into 4 symbols each, so you can get up to 64 small symbols on the grid.

Star Clusters Mega Clusters free spins!

As in most other slots of a certain capacity, this slot also has a main attraction, and here we are naturally talking about Star Cluster’s free spins! Free rounds activate when you get 5 or more consecutive wins – or reactions as it is also called – on the same spin in the base game.

You then get 2 free spins, and then one extra spin for each subsequent reaction after the 5th. If you get example 8 reactions in a row, this will give you 5 free spins (2+1+1+1).

If you have a Gold Wild on the reels, i.e. a wild symbol with a multiplier, you’ll drag it with you into the free rounds – and it retains the multiplier value.

The free rounds unfold on an expanded wheel set, and it consists of 8×8 positions. It all works the same as in the base game, and if you get a cluster of winning symbols, each of the symbols in the combination will split into 4 smaller symbols. This means the game board can be 16×16 symbols large, so there will be 256 symbols in turn!

Gold Wilds works exactly as in the base game, but here the value will not be reset after each psinn. When you reach a multiplier of 10x you are awarded attto 2 extra free spins and there are no limits to how many extra free spins you can get.

Game summary

You always pay a little extra attention when there are slots coming from Big Time Gaming, and usually you do well in just that. The company has come up with a number of brilliant slots over the years and this is once again an example of this.

At first glance, the slot may not look particularly impressive, but when the symbols start to split into smaller parts, you become almost sitting to gape.

This is both light and fun, and you can easily be torn apart by the amazing entertainment. When you’re dragged into the free rounds, it’s easy to get ecstatic as magical things can happen there, and although the game may be perceived as repetitive, there’s still something that ‘clicks’ and makes it all very enjoyable.

The megaclusters mechanics work brilliantly, and it carries the game so well that you hardly need any other fixer to ‘pimp’ up the gaming experience. The slot also has a nice balancing that allows you to actually stay seated for quite some time and play without losing your entire balance.

The potential is not to say anything on and in the base game is the maximum payout of 1300 times the bet, but it is in the free rounds that the big guns are taken out: there is a maximum payout of 23,000 times the bet – and this puts Star Cluster’s Megaclusters all the way in the top tier!

The slot could certainly have been improved in some places, but I have a hard time seeing that this could be anything but a great success. The dynamics of the game are good and there is no doubt that our friends in Australia here have come up with yet another wonderful game. The gang that has made Megaways world famous has simply decided to create a cluster slot, thus making a delicious twist on their Megaways mechanics and doing something new and fresh!

It could be a really fresh summer for this game, and I can imagine that this is a slot that will move into the list of the world’s 10 most popular slots!

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