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Elk Studios Casino

Elk Studios casino is a game developer that saw its light in 2013, and has almost 10 years of experience. Elk Studios is Swedish, and has its head office in Stockholm. Since its inception, Elk Studios has had a vision of being able to offer games with unprecedented graphics, while at the same time the games must work on mobile, have exciting features and cool themes that no other game developer has .

Since its inception, Elk Studios has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. Elk studios started small where they launched a couple of slot machines every year, and to this day, however, at least one new slot machine is launched every month, and no more. Many people wonder if this compromises their quality and their vision, but it doesn’t in any way, and they continue to create new slots with exciting features and wonderful teams.

Elk Studios only focuses on one category within casino games, and that is slot machines. This means that they only have slot machines in their portfolio, and do not offer, for example, table games or live casino games. We would have liked to have seen them develop table games because it would have been games of the exciting variety for sure, but still it doesn’t matter as long as they still focus on their slots having great graphics, cool features and sound.

To this day, Elk Studios has over 100 different slot machines in their portfolio, and over the time they have been on the market has gained a good reputation both among casino players and online casinos. Among other things, Elk Studios has won various awards for both their slots, graphics and more. Elk Studios’ first slot was The Lab, and it was launched in 2014, and several hundred slots have since seen the light of day.

What Elk Studios Does

Elk Studios is a game developer, and one can easily explain it by the fact that they make slot machines that you can play at online casinos. Elk Studios has been busy challenging the casino market, and they work to offer the best slot machines out there that give players the best gaming experience. Their focus is to offer slot machines that come with fierce graphics that are mobile-friendly, and not least user-friendly. Elk Studios has the players in focus when developing slot machines.

When they develop new gaming machines, they use advanced technology. It is quality that is in focus, and it is not about developing as many slot machines as possible, but only good machines with the very highest quality. What characterizes Elk Studios’ slot machines are intense graphics, and players understand when they play on one of Elk Studios’ slots. In order to be able to offer slots of such high quality, they use algorithms and this helps them to be able to offer some of the best slot machines available on the market.

As already mentioned, the hallmark of Elk Studios is the graphics, but they are also known for the high quality of their slots. Several of their slots have a resolution out of another world and 3D graphics, and one might think that this has come at the expense of other factors, but no, it has not. Their machines are both user-friendly and fast.

In Elk Studios slots you can find many different features, and one of the features that is common from them is wild symbols and Avalanche symbols (Cascading symbols). In addition, their slots come with a high RTP, and they are usually at 96% and above.

Elk Studios has also won a number of awards, and it is because they have challenged the narrative around casino games but also because they have thought outside the box. They have not received awards for operator support or systems, but their machines have won several different awards. Slots Wild Toro has won the award as game of the year, and other slots such as Taco Brothers, Hong Kong Tower and Ivanhoe have been nominated. It shows how innovative and good Elk Studios is.

There is no doubt that the slot machines developed by Elk Studios come with new technology and are of high quality. There are many people who get excited every time they hear that Elk Studios is going to launch a new slot, and we understand that when we know how inviting their slots are!

Elk Studio’s most popular game

There is no doubt that Elk Studios casinos have proven that if there is one thing they can do, it is creating special slot machines that give you as a player a unique gaming experience. Many game developers often launch slots in the same theme and often have slots that are of the same category, but Elk Studios, on the other hand, always does what they can to be innovative in coming up with new catchy themes and exciting features. Below we will take a closer look at Elk Studios’ most popular games.

Electric Sam

Electric Sam is a slot machine that has an RTP of 96% and a medium volatility. It is a lively and vibrant slot machine with lots of colors. It’s a relatively simple slot that’s highly entertaining, and the best part is that it’s available on all devices. That said, this slot may not be suitable for the most experienced players since it is so simple, but there are many who enjoy playing Electric Sam in particular.

Taco Brothers

Another popular slot machine is Taco Brothers. This machine comes with completely unique graphics, and has lots of exciting features such as bonus games, walking wilds, wild escape and re-spin. This is simply a top class slot, and one you shouldn’t miss.


One slot that is important to mention is Bloopers. This slot comes with an RTP of 96%, medium and high volatility, and not least five reels and as many as 243 lines. The theme is Hollywood and everything happens during a film shoot where not everything goes exactly according to plan. It’s a fun slot that really provides good entertainment.

Wild Tour

Wild Toro is another slot machine that is really in the top tier, and this slot machine has, among other things, won the best slot machine of the year in 2017. This is a slot machine that offers high volatility, fierce graphics and entertaining animations. Not only that, the gaming experience that Wild Toro gives you as a player is unique, and it has many features such as bonus games, walking wilds and re-spins.

Voodoo Gold

Elk Studios is known for its Voodoo Gold series, and many say it is the best thing Elk Studios has come up with. This slot offers exciting features, cascading reels, six reels and as many as 262,114 paylines, and yes you read that right 262,114 paylines. Voodoo Gold comes with high volatility, and other slots belonging to this series are Tahiti Gold and Ecuador Gold.

Wild Seas

When Elk Studios develops new slot machines, they draw inspiration from different places, and one place they often draw inspiration from is history books. This can be seen in other slots such as Ivanhoe and Poltava – Flames of War. But the slot we’re going to talk about here is Wild Seas, and it’s based on a story about a pirate called Anna Bonny, and she’s in the Caribbean waters, wreaking havoc. This story takes place in the 19th century. Wild Seas has 178 paylines and five reels, and this slot offers an exciting story and it’s hard to stop once you’ve started playing.


An exciting machine that is very innovative is Cygnus, and this offers a whopping 262,114 paylines and of course cascading reels. It is a slot with medium to high volatility and has an RTP of 96.1%. But it doesn’t stop there, you can get free spins and it also has a progressive multiplier.

The Grand Galore

A glamorous slot from Elk Studios is The Grand Galore, and if you like things that are over the top, or maybe go big or go home, then this slot is right up your alley. This slot machine has a huge number of paylines, and it is not without reason that it has The Grand in its name. If you like glamorous slots then this one is really for you!


A slot machine with good entertainment is Hidden, and it comes with intense graphics, features such as re-spins and a delicious sound. It may not be the most innovative slot out there, but it gives it a good dose of entertainment while having medium volatility.

Joker Gems

Last but not least, Joker Gems. This is a very popular slot machine among players, and for good reason. Many see this as a classic slot machine, but it is, strictly speaking, not classic, but as classic as you can get when it is from Elk Studios. Here you will find cascading reels, and it really is an entertaining slot machine.

Online casinos that offer slot machines from Elk Studios

Most large online casinos have Elk Studios as their casino game, and you can thus find several different slots from Elk Studios, which is a popular Swedish game developer. There are more and more new casinos that also have Elk Studios’ casino games, and what is important when you are a new casino is to offer popular slot machines, which are the best on the market.

To this day, Elk Studios only develops slot machines, and does not have live casino games in their portfolio. You can easily find Elk Studios’ slots at the various online casinos, and you can use filters to only bring up Elk Studios’ slot machines. Below you will find a small selection of online casinos that offer Elk Studios slot machines.

Rank Casino Bonus Rating Visit
1 withdrawal comeon ComeonT & C Apply Visit Withdrawal
2 betsafe cash out BetsafeT & C Apply Visit Withdrawal
3 wihdrawal betsson BetssonT & C Apply Visit Withdrawal
4 highroller casino payment HighrollerT & C Apply Visit Withdrawal
5 caxinop-payments CaxinoT & C Apply Visit Withdrawal
6 Wheelz CasinoT & C Apply Visit Withdrawal
7 CasinoFridayT & C Apply Visit Withdrawal
8 mobilebet cash out MobilebetT & C Apply Visit Withdrawal
9 cherrycasino cash out CherryCasinoT & C Apply Visit Withdrawal
10 casino euro cash out Casino EuroT & C Apply Visit Withdrawal

What is Elk Studio’s best game?

Choosing the best game or the best elk slots for Elk Studios is an impossible task, and that’s because several of their slots are really in the top tier. You must also remember that everyone has different preferences, and many choose slots based on graphics, while others choose based on the features that slots offer. We have therefore chosen 3 games that we think are the best, and at the same time divided them into categories so that you can see why we think they are the best.

Poltava – Highest RTP

As mentioned, Poltava is a very popular slot machine, and for good reason. This slot is about the Nordic war that happened in the 18th century, and Poltava shows the way through it. The graphics are fabulous and you will find many different features such as free spins, wild symbols and moving wheels. The best thing is that this machine has a high payout percentage of 96.40%.

Nitropolis – gives you more opportunities to win

This slot machine offers great graphics and cool sound, and that makes the slot machine even more exciting if possible. The best thing about it is that you have the opportunity to win in 85,155,850 different ways, and you can, among other things, with the help of respins, scatters and nitro wheels.

Wild Toro – Won the most awards

As mentioned earlier in this article, Wild Toro has won several awards, and in 2017 this slot was named slot of the year. This slot is known to be the best slot that Elk Studios offers and it does not disappoint so we recommend everyone to test it out.


Elk Studios is a serious game developer, and of course they have several licenses. They have this to ensure that they can always offer casino games to online casinos. Among other things, they have a license from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, and they have had that since 2015.

They also have a license from the Malta Gaming Authority, and they got it in 2019, and the license they have here is called the B2B Critical Gaming Supply License. Last but not least, Elk Studios has something called a Second Class License. It is a license which means that one is specialized in production, distribution and software for games of chance. This gives you as a player great security and safety, because their games follow the laws and regulations set by three license issuers and they also ensure that all games from Elk Studios are fair.