Casino gambling regulator Curaçao is updating

Curaçao wants safer gameplay

We have touched this subject before, that we had a feeling that things were about to happen with the license issued from Curaçao. And it is possible that there was a restructuring we glimpsed in the distance. It turns out that Curaçao has set out to reform the entire structure and actually almost create a completely new license.

The new structure will provide higher requirements to get within and also open up the opportunity to collaborate with other license issuers and in that way also collaborate on tackling problem gambling.

Curaçao has so far been known to be quite liberal in its licenses and it has not been particularly difficult to obtain a license. But now the archipelago has set out to change this. In the current system, it was not the government of Curaçao that had managed the regulation. This was flagged to others, but now it seems that they want to tighten control by setting up a separate body to take care of this.

Curaçao has used consultants from the Malta Gaming Authority in the preparation of the new system.

What this will mean in practice for us players is a bit difficult to say yet. But it would seem that blocking yourself for responsible gambling and such might be able to work across licenses, so you can block yourself from all casinos that provide games under a Curaçao license. But this will just be speculation on our part, for now. Time will no doubt tell.

However, it is not Europe that is the main market for casinos with a license from Curaçao. These are aimed more at Latin America.

Regardless of whether you prefer casinos with one or the other license, we would recommend that you take a look at our lists of online casinos for international players . That way, you know that you are playing at a casino that has been tested and that we can vouch for. It’s not worth taking the risk of making a deposit at a casino no one has heard of. The Internet is in many ways a bit like the Pacific Ocean; it is huge and it is full of dangers. If you make the trip there, simply take calculated risks.